For Health First is a company dedicated to the alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition and wellness professions. We support the professionals who practice these professions and the certification boards who support them.

For Health First supports the instructors who coach, demonstrate, educate, empower, explain, facilitate, instruct, mentor, quiz for understanding, supervise, teach, test for knowledge, train and tutor these professionals. We offer our free assistance to help them and their education organizations become accredited.

The quickest way to become accredited is to join the Natural Therapies Coach Workshop Network (NTCW), learn their system and start teaching it to your students. Then teach under one of the Professional Blueprints. When you're ready, we'll help you file your formal application for accreditation.

Then we'll promote you and your business. We do that because we believe quality is everything and Americans deserve quality health, nutrition and wellness.

Anyone with a modicum of good sense knows the drug companies, genetically modified food industry, toxic chemicals industry, USDA and Canadian AAFC, Health Canada and the FDA are providing Americans and Canadians with a lack of health, nurtition and wellness.


For Health First manages and operates accredited certification boards to certify qualified health, nutrition and wellness professionals. These boards are accredited by the American Accreditation Commission.

More than guaranteeing the public that you are qualified to do what you do, we guarantee we will help you resolve any license board issues that arise. That's one of the benefits of being certified by an accredited certification board.

List of Accredited Health Certification Boards

List of Accredited Nutrition Certification Boards

List of Accredited Wellness Certification Boards

List of Paper Mills to Avoid

For Health First wrote the Health, Nutrition and Wellness Blueprints For Excellence with the assistance and under the oversight of the American Accreditation Commission. Those blueprints are at the heart of every accredited certification board in the health, nutrition and wellness industries.

Health Professional Blueprint

Nutrition Professional Blueprint

Wellness Professional Blueprint

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